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Found Art

Be it accident or intention, student papers are funny sometimes, and I’m assigning credit here, not fault.

It’s a grind, the Student Life.

How to survive? Yet another paper? Yet another deadline? Lofty and lowly expectations fused, asunder! Totally forgotten.

What else to do? You stick to the facts:

[Margaret] Mead was a woman who wore capes, was flamboyant, and although maimed at one point, had a lesbian affair with Ruth Benedict (2nd year Anthropology paper circa 2007 ).[1]

Commemoration, for posterity.

When you’re this big, they stamp you.


[1] Although I cite this, there is everything in me that keeps on wishing it were I who had the power to write it. Awkwardly tensed, confused sentences aside. Astride…?


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