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Open Secrets, Vol. 16

  • It’s right there in the title.
  • I wouldn’t if I weren’t you.
  • Rough assemblages still count.
  • Out, but not down. (Not yet). (Not yet?).
  • Yes, you did.
  • For fashion, of course.
  • Tomorrow’s tomorrow, or yesterday’s tomorrow?
  • I heard it too.
  • Prestigious hardly pays.
  • So is that the score?
  • Status v. Stature
  • How about no?
  • That last bit, though.
  • Today’s no good.
  • Happily Not Yours.
  • Punctuation! Matters?
  • Emphasis mine.
  • Really, anywhere that puts me closest to the coffee maker.
  • Untitled Works are just as good.






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Actually Getting to Ride That Pony After All

I was SO MAD I gave myself a rage headache and that made me very sleepy so I feel asleep but then I woke up SO MAD again.

What to do?

Ride the pony until it dies. Stay indoors. Hydrate!

Any beating this?

Any beating this?

Is there a rainbow at the end of the pony ride? A light at the end of the pony tunnel? A sliver lining to this clip-clopping cloud?




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