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Thoughts On The Bus


Everyday Existential Crises

1. The shrinking moon.
2. No coffee in the coffee cups on Gilmore Girls, ever.
3. 5:00AM anywhere.
4. The number of cats I have met named Schrödinger (0r named Schrödinger’s Cat).
5. The number of cats I have met not named Schrödinger (0r named Schrödinger’s Cat).
6. Tinted windows at Chuck E. Cheese.
7. Being told to smile. By a stranger. Anyone.
8. Bill Paxton or Dennis Quaid? BILL PAXTON or DENNIS QUAID?
9. Maps in novels.
10. Those who refer to other animals, not monkeys, as monkeys.
11. The REFRESH button.
12. Sequels.
13. Scattered showers.
14. For now, for a while, zombies and superheroes. Where ever.
15. Everyone at Chapters.
16. “Cash money”.

Band Names*

1. Nature Calls
2. Pamphlet
3. Purple Nurple
5. The Least We Could Do
6. Bothered
7. American Coot
8. The Taxidermists
9. Two Dollar Cover Charge
10. Windowpane
11. Lucky Rabbit’s Foot
12. The Dirty Puns
13. Harry Carrie
14. Eat Up Martha
15. Read My Blog

Possible Tumblrs

1. Cops With Goatees
2. Bread is Pain
3. Attend to My Wounds
4. 5:00AM Anywhere
5. That Warm Body Next to Me
6. Pretty Shirts on Men
7. Free Gift With Purchase
9. George Denzel Washington Craver

Birds I Have Seen

1. Indigo Bunting
2. Red-Eyed Vireo
3. Bohemian Waxwing
5. American Coot

Possible Pubs and/or Restaurants

1. The Cock & Block
3. Clarice Starling’s Place
4. The Vegan Tart
5. The Shrinking Moon

Thoughts on the Bus

1. See above, all.

*Band names I had to delete from this list, because they already exist, for real: The Freudian Slits, Aftershave, Razorburn, Dreamboat and Montezuma’s Revenge.



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