Awards Eligibility – Stories 2019

Last year, I started writing fiction – specifically, short stories that I’ve kept, in various forms and fragments, on my computer but until recently never had the courage to finish, let alone send out for publication.

For this and other reasons, 2019 has been a year of hard knocks. My skin stings from the red hot burn of the rejection letters heaped up in my archives folder. But I’ve learned a lot with a lot more to go. And that’s…strangely reassuring.

I love sci-fi, fantasy and speculative fiction and tend towards that in my writing.


Here are my awards eligible short stories for 2019:

Good Books All – in Astral Waters Review, Issue 2. Available online.

Monstrous Attractions – in Augur Magazine, 2.3. Available online (samples of longer pieces available for free on the website).


I also published a non-fantasy/non-speculative fiction piece earlier in the year:

Flesh, Not Blood – in RicePaper Magazine. Read online.


Finally, in the coming days I will be adding a new section on the blog to keep a running tab on my publications and where to find them. Hopefully, I will be able to add to the list as time goes by.

Here’s to all good things (rejections and all) for 2020!




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