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No Buts But Butts About It (Except Of Course Butte)

… in the meantime, I often find myself having to find ways to amuse myself.

So, OK.

A silent “t” added to every “but” I say aloud! 

It is great fun and economical to boot (“But, he’s getting it done” v. “Butt, he’s getting it done!”), although of course saying that it is cost-free is another thing almost entirely.

There are hazards to a-skew-ing the language. Meaning and definition conflating, oral and auditory flung into wicked identity crisis. Brain farts. Diarrhea of the mouth. Tongues tied, hands wrung, etc.

“But” –> Butt

Butt= Good.

It falls apart at Butte, Montana.



That e doesn’t not make “but” butt but “Butte”.

So that when I say “Butte” I’ve got to know what I’m saying.

But good!

Butt nothing.

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