No One To Blame

Yeah, I get angry sometimes, but it’s not as bad as it used to be.

At the worst of it, I knew and lived the thrill of desperate yet intoxicating anger. It was brutal, indiscriminate, beautiful and I relished every moment of it.  Not only had I come to enjoy being angry but I also began seeking it out.  It was a high that, with a little practice, was simple to attain and easily indulged.

It felt good.  It felt right.

And it was wearing me out and shutting me down completely.

The problem with Hulk is that he de-hulks. Un-hulks?  He ceases to hulk.


I still like being angry, a little, which is a lot more than I should, probably. However, there are lots of Things out there that warrant basic human fury, and that demand it, really.  Anytime anyone anywhere says that what they’re doing to you is “for your own good”, for example, or when you’re on the receiving end of a slow, patient smile.

Head pats.

I have found ways to cope with anger that may be of use to Others out there, so like me:

  • Whatever else is involved, your anger is yours.  It’s yours and it’s valid and yours.
  • Remember:  not only bad people get mad.  For god’s sake.
  • Realize that when people give you pressing, unsolicited advice on how you must deal with your anger, their good intentions in this are theirs alone.  It can’t be otherwise.  Also, their parents never loved them.
  • Believe that there are people who don’t want you to get angry precisely because they’ve done Things they know will by all rights make you angry and the question “why are you so angry” is thus translatable to “did you find me out, or what?”  Their parents probably loved them too much, in which case the worst has already occurred.  What can you do?
  • Punch a human face
  • Wait

Yeah, waiting’s good.  Because it’s anger and something better is bond to come along.

Always does.

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