Burning Bright

Merry Christmas!  How is yours?  Mine is Grrreat!

Tiger Great.


Because. This:

In the forests of the night.  And my dreams.

Burning bright.


Home now for the holidays – my childhood home, which is gradually becoming my parents’ house – and this is the bed that is my bed away from bed.

My love of Bed is as much about quantity (in the sense of MORE and LOTS) as it is about those certain touches that make sleep time quality time.

For me, for now, for reals, this means Tiger.  Lots of it.  But also:


I have a majestic bed.

Get some!  If you can. (I doubt it). (Unless you have a nearby gas station).

Awe. Some.

Don’t fret, don’t hate.  It’s just the way Things are.

So while you enjoy your cookies and sugar plums and nutcracker princes and the obligations that make those Things the essential trimmings for time spent with Loved Ones, I will be here, swaddled in the luxurious majesty of my White Tiger Bed.  Ensconced in powerful paws, claws retracted.  Nestled under gentle feline purrs.


So warm.

So sweet.

When the stars threw down their spears

And watered heaven with their tears:

Did he smile His work to see?

Did he who made the lamb make thee?

Merry Christmas!  Bitches.

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