Is it April 17, 2012?

Not yet.

But I made a little discovery that at first I found innocuous, then interesting, titillating, suspicious and now, ominous.

A discovery that either has an expiration date or a date of detonation, I cannot tell.

Here is what I found:

And yet, time is relative and in a few months, THE FUTURE of the now will outdated.  BA-ZING!

A blast from the past addressed to THE FUTURE.


Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School.



What do I remember from high school?  Not anything particularly interesting, except that one time.  And that one teacher.  Mrs…something.  Or maybe she was a man.

It doesn’t matter.

I do, however, have some fleeting recollection of this, The Letter.  A lesson in busy work, it was written by my then present self who is now my past self who addressed it to my later self.

This, The Letter, is for Future Cindy.

That is not my writing.  Curious.

Soon enough.

What is this letter about?  What does it contain?

Hopes?  Dreams?  Expectations?

The shit do I know.  For ALL I know, it could be the same as when they opened Al Capone’s Vault and found Geraldo’s Moustache.


2012.  Perhaps this letter will be my Mayan disaster.  Alternatively:


We shall see.

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