Conversations Between People Who Know Otherwise

Basically, They All Sound Like THIS:

“The brillance of the Thing lies in how we talk about it.”

“But you can’t deny that this is because of what we see in it.”

“Well, of course, seeing it is as important, if not MORESO, as talking about it…”

“Which, indeed, has everything to do with how it makes us feel…”

“…feelings are very important…”

“…feelings are human…”

“I feel good…”

“I don’t.”

“You don’t?”

“No.  I think that’s important.”

“It is!  And it isn’t.”

“Well, it can and it can not be.”


“Can.  Not.”






“Then, on that point, I agree!”

“And YET…”



“Well, THAT in itself and whatnot moreover depends on certain Things.”

“…which, of course, is the brilliance of the Thing…”

"Hey, man. Is that your MOM in there??"

Always stay firmly within The Box.

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